Amiga Video & CD-Archive V3.4

The Video & CD-Archive is designed to manage comfortably a database of Music Cassettes, CDs, Longplayers and Videotapes. The original name of the program, which was developed and released in 1990, is "Untitled". In the year 1992, the program was released on the "Goldene Serie" from DATA Becker with the title "Video & CD-Archive".

The Video & CD-Archive is the same program as Untitled V3.0. The current version of this release of Untitled is the version 3.4. There are some major improvements since the DATA Becker release, regarding localization, online help, clipboard support, import and export filters, and the implementation of other OS2.x and OS3.x features.

This program features a very powerful editor with all functions that are well known from real word processors. You have the possibility to print covers for MCs, CDs, Longplayers and Videotapes. You can generate sorted lists, display them on the screen and print them. Those lists may be sorted in different ways. A comfortable search engine can search for every alphanumerical string and guarantees control and fast access to every dataset. There are integrated block functions and many options to convert data between MC, CD, Phono and Video. Functions to calculate spare time and search for spare time keep track on free resources on your videotapes.

The Video & CD-Archive has been tested several times by popular Amiga magazines. Some of the articles can be accessed in scanned format via these links (sorry german language only):

Formerly planned features for V3.5

New features of recent releases

Additional Tools

In order to make full use of the export facilities of the Video & CD-Archive V3.4, you may want to install some additional software packages if you don`t have them already. Most of the programs are freely available on the Internet, whereas others are commercial or have to be bought on a CD-ROM.

Two very good programs for printing and viewing PostScript files on the Amiga are HWGPost and GhostScript, which can both be found on Aminet. For using the LaTeX output, you might want to get the PasTeX distribution for Amiga.

GUI of the Video & CD-Archive
Figure 1: ScreenShot of the Video & CD-Archive GUI

Download VCArchive V3.4 (403 KB)
ReadMe VCArchive 3.4

New Export Filters and Updates

New Export-Filters will be made available on this site as soon as they are available. If you have written some new and good Export-Filters yourself, feel free to E-Mail them to me in order to release them on this site, or to get them included in a forthcoming release of the program.

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